St. George Fire Department - Emergency Responses by Station, thru March 2016
Station 61 Perkins Rd 416
21.7% Station 65 Seabord Dr 335 17.5%
Station 62 Jefferson Hwy 531
27.7% Station 66 George O'Neal
194 10.1%
Station 63 Antioch Rd 138
7.2% Station 67 Castille Rd 106
Station 64 Hoo Shoo Too Rd 108
5.6% Station 68 Highlandia Dr 85

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Steve Shelton (on the right), representing the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation presents a certificate of achievement to Fire Chief Jerry Tarleton (left) and District Chief Frank Dellucky for St. George's 100% participation in the Foundation's seatbelt pledge campaign.
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