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Going back to the Department’s origins as a neighborhood volunteer fire department, the St. George Fire Protection District has always undertaken a number of community service programs that go beyond our charge to provide fire protection and medical assistance for the citizens of our District.  Each of these programs contributes something to the community and helps promote public safety, public health, and/or public service.

If you would like to request a safety demonstration or truck to visit your event, please email Public Affairs

Just like every fire department across the country, we participate in numerous safety demonstrations throughout the community. What sets us apart is our newly formed Community Risk Reduction Initiative. We are getting ready to roll it out… keep your eyes peeled for greatness!

We are your Fire Department, and we are prepared to respond; to help you through unfortunate events in your life. But, we don't just want to be there when you need us in an emergency. We want to make a positive contribution to the quality of your daily life.

In addition to our safety demonstrations, we have numerous events brewing in our Community Outreach Department! We look forward to welcoming our community to our campus in a variety of fashions this coming year. Stay tuned to our website or keep tabs on our social media pages for all the latest information and details!

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