Frequently Asked Questions

For information about the Hybrid Academy, follow this link. 

For information on the lateral hire process, email Chief Kim Hartman.

When conducting a fire inspection our Fire Prevention Officers will inspect the tag on the fire extinguisher to assure its inspection history is current.  We do not, however, actually inspect or repair fire extinguishers.  That service is performed by private firms licensed by the State Fire Marshal.  One may be found in the Yellow Pages or online.

The Department was originally chartered in 1966 as the "Village St. George Volunteer Fire Department and Social Club."  So, the original "St. George" was named after the neighborhood off Perkins Road which it was formed to protect and where many of its founders lived.  By all accounts, the subdivision was named after the church.

Even though we began as a volunteer department, St. George made the transition to a career fire department during the mid to late 1990's.  The District outgrew the capability of part-time and volunteer staff to provide adequate fire and medical services.  We currently employ over 200 full-time employees.

The St. George Fire Department is governed by the Board of Commissioners of the St. George Fire Protection District. This is a five member body appointed by the Metro Council. Each Board member's term is for two years.  Board members serve without compensation.  The Fire Chief works for and reports to the Board of Commissioners.  Every other employee of the District works for the Fire Chief.

There is a ongoing National Study that reviews accidents involving Fire Engines from across the country and this report still maintains that one of the most “Visible” colors for Fire Engines is our “Lime Yellow/Green” color.  This color is also referred to as “Safety Yellow” and is has been documented in numerous studies over the years as being the safest color for emergency response vehicles and this color has fewer accidents than other “traditional” color.  Here is a link to one of the studies

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